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Welcome to Albany Ale & Oyster

About Us

There has been a lot of confusion exactly what the Albany Ale and Oyster is. Some people have used the name Gastro Pub, Tavern, Bar and Grill, restaurant, and the list goes on.

We are none of these things.

Several people associate beer with football, chicken wings, pizza, Nascar and so on. However, the trend has changed. The number of types of craft beers is now as vast and as sophisticated as wine. The different styles offer people choices. For example, it's not as simple as grabbing beer and going to a dinner party. Are you having steak? Let us recommend some of our IPAs. Maybe fish, try one of our pilsners, or maybe with our chocolate fondue try some of our imperial or sweet stouts.

We want to offer a place where people will come and experience something different. Ask questions, learn from not only our staff but by us bringing in the brew masters themselves to talk about the product.

As well we will offer a Retail section where people can come in and buy individual bottles or 4 packs of different style beers, not cases or kegs. They will be able to select 4 different styles of beers not like at a convenient store where you have to buy a 12 pack or case of the same beer. The Retail section will also offer items such as sauces, cheeses, gourmet popcorns that go perfect with these beers.

The Albany Ale and Oyster wants to become part of an already fantastic neighborhood. We are not just looking for a building to put a business in. We are looking for a neighborhood to become part of. So come in and let's learn about beer together.

Staff Picks


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Stop on in and grab an amazing bottle from our shop or get our Growler or yours filled with Albany's best beer selection.

Albany's Best Reuben


Albany state national corned beef, barrel-aged sauerkraut, Oscar's smoked Swiss on rustic rye.


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$1 dollar oysters
Monday - Saturday: 11am - 5pm
Sunday: All Day